Commercial & Industrial Electrical ConstructionModernizing the world around us through innovation

Equipped to deliver comprehensive, fast-track projects

We deliver the highest-quality electrical construction services to an expansive range of industries, from technology-focused data centers and smart hospitals to airports, industrial facilities, and commercial offices. As a trusted industry leader and collaborative partner, we are equipped to handle projects ranging from small renovations to large, fast-track projects. Our seasoned experts connect key project stakeholders to navigate complex decisions and ensure alignment on every project, resulting in faster, more cost-effective, and successful project execution. No matter the project size, complexity, or timeframe, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Elevating the future of clean energy

For decades, Sturgeon Electric has been instrumental in providing electrical construction services on projects that support a clean energy future. Our work on sustainable structures can be seen in LEED-certified buildings, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, rooftop solar and energy storage, smart electrical control units, and power generation units. During construction, our philosophy focuses on continuous improvement centered around process adaption and elimination of waste practices. We use proven Lean processes and innovative methodologies to implement this approach, which improves safety and efficiency on our projects. 

Our vast skill set paired with our industry experience make us the contractor of choice for many clients. We help our clients bring their projects to fruition by emphasizing efficiency and clean energy while reducing our environmental impact.

With innovation at our core, tomorrow is closer than you think

As the world around us becomes more connected, we are deploying smart technologies, adapting innovative practices, and visualizing possibilities. Through sophisticated tools and streamlined processes such as virtual reality (VR), drones, 3D imaging with building information modeling (BIM), Lean practices, custom prefabrication, and unique project-delivery models, we equip our teams to provide exceptional project delivery. Our future-driven mindset and collaborative processes ultimately create a more seamless approach for client and contractor. Embracing smart technology and deploying sophisticated solutions, our experienced teams meet the challenge of today’s fast-paced projects, while providing optimal project value.