Distribution ConstructionMiles of electrical connections overhead and underground 

More than just a good reputation 

At Great Southwestern, we are dedicated to collaborating with clients to increase grid resilience and avoid outages by hardening systems and upgrading our nation’s critical, aging infrastructure. We have built and maintained overhead and underground distribution line projects for a wide range of clients and have worked in a variety of energized and de-energized project conditions. We are proud to support numerous ongoing contracts to construct, repair, and replace electrical distribution lines for our clients as their respected industry partner.

Elevating success through strategic partnerships  

Our seasoned experts provide distribution line construction and maintenance services through established, long-term alliance agreements and client partnerships. Because of our strong arsenal of past lessons learned and best practices from working together on previous projects of varying scopes, our joint efforts result in successful project delivery. 

Our unwavering commitments to the industry and our client partnerships result in the fostering and achievement of common goals, enhanced safety practices, improved decision-making, reduced costs, and higher levels of production and efficiency.