Skilled Labor ResourcesBuilding teams to match project needs 

Our self-contained workforce streamlines efficiencies 

As one of the nation’s largest non-union contractors, our self-contained and experienced field and management teams are available across the United States. Field crew teams are dispersed throughout service territories and are available to deploy to projects and match resource levels to project needs. With hundreds of craft employees, we can draw upon resources from our regional locations as needed. We take pride in building successful projects and will build and mobilize teams to match your project demands. 

Our workforce is at the center of all we do – we are one cohesive team instilling a culture of “people first”. We value diversity because it makes us stronger, and we promote a safe workplace where all team members are valued and given the appropriate tools and training to be successful. 

Accredited Apprenticeship Program 

Recognizing the nation’s need for vital energy infrastructure construction and maintenance, we invested in and created three Department of Labor Bureau-accredited electrical construction apprenticeship programs. At our cutting-edge training center in Alvarado, Texas, we are proud to provide these programs and employment opportunities to prospective electrical construction employees. Using the highest industry standards, our apprenticeship blends work-based learning with associated classroom teaching. Our paid apprenticeships assist in launching electrical careers as transmission lineworker, distribution lineworker, or substation technician. Because the availability of skilled labor is so critical to our industry, we value and will continue to invest in the future of our electrical construction workforce.