Material Management & LogisticsDelivering cost savings with the right materials at the right time  

Reduce Material Constraints – Increase Project Efficiency

We make material management and all job site logistics a top priority by offering expert material management services from project planning through installation. Knowing each day what you can construct and having a backup plan is essential to keep crews and projects on track. A successful project outcome requires having the right materials and resources at the right time. Our detailed process provides great value by applying proven project procurement and lean construction methodologies that deliver maximum productivity and cost savings for projects of any size. 

We offer clients expert material management services both through our EPC construct-build services or as a standalone service integrating seamlessly with your project owner and suppliers nationwide. Armed with a blueprint and specifications, our teams are highly adaptable and have the know-how to effectively reduce risk and costly change orders to achieve maximum project efficiency.

Source Inspection By Highly Trained Teams

Our source inspection service is invaluable. In a constrained supply environment, we have the expertise and strong supplier relations to source, identify and analyze root causes before developing remediation plans with suppliers and/or fabricators. We also pay great attention to organizing worksites with specific yard-laydown processes and customized kitting and pre-assembly services to help eliminate construction delays and improve supply chain efficiency by reducing loss, overages, and ordering errors. 

Our highly trained teams have decades of electrical construction experience and understand the critical importance of a robust material management plan that closely intertwines procurement and construction management processes. We pride ourselves on our vast industry expertise and the open lines of communication we keep with all project stakeholders.