Great Southwestern Construction Proudly Offers Department of Labor-Accredited Apprenticeship Programs

Great Southwestern proudly offers three Department of Labor Bureau-accredited apprenticeship programs for employees desiring to become Transmission Linemen ( Line Installer Repairer Program), Distribution Linemen (Line Repairer Program) or Substation Technicians (Electrician Substation Program).

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Our Transmission Lineman and Distribution Lineman Apprenticeship Programs are provided through T&D Power Skills, and are geared to instruct electric utility lineworkers with up-to-date, safety-related work practices and technical skills related to the installation, maintenance, and removal of transmission and distribution systems. All instruction meets current Federal OSHA regulations. For more information on these programs, visit


Our Substation Technician Certification Program is provided through the Northwest Lineman’s College (NLC) Power Delivery Program, and is most commonly used as the curriculum component of apprenticeship leading to journeyman certification, and is ideal for adoption or endorsement by utility company associations and statewide organizations.

Apprentices receive the most current training and information available, and testing is conducted via the NLC website. Up-to-date testing records are maintained in Great Southwestern’s apprenticeship department which provides a comprehensive and accurate record of each apprentice’s stage of training.

Enrollees must be employees of Great Southwestern and will earn Northwest Lineman College certification upon successful completion. The curriculum can be used to earn U.S. Department of Labor (or equivalent state agency) certification as well. For more information on this program, visit

If you are a current employee who is interested in any of our Apprenticeship Programs, please see your supervisor for more information.