Great Southwestern Construction Internships

Great Southwestern’s Internship Programs are designed to give college students an opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience. Great Southwestern has chosen to take an active role in preparing students to work effectively in the business world following graduation. Real world experience also helps internship participants to make more informed career choices, which result in increased job satisfaction and productivity.

The following video describes what an internship could be like at MYR Group or one of our subsidiaries.

Types of Programs

1. Full-time & part-time
2. Paid
3. Credit or non-credit

These different program types can accommodate a variety of company needs and student schedules. Typical structures include:

Parallel Plan – Students attend classes and work during the day.
Evening Plan – Students attend evening classes and work full or part-time during the day.
Alternate Plan – Students alternate semester periods of work and school until their college programs are completed.

How Interns are Employed

  • Assisting more experienced employees.
  • Completing short-term assignments where an additional full-time employee is not practical.
  • Assisting during peak load periods of work.
  • Acting as technical assistants on research teams, conducting literature searches, route
    testing, sampling, mathematical calculations and estimating.

Benefits to Students

  • Gain a realistic perspective of the working world.
  • Obtain marketable work experience.
  • Make valuable business contacts.
  • Earn money while in school.

Internship Testimonials