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March 17, 2020 Construction in Focus Feature: A People-First Mentality Leads to Generations of Success


Putting people first has been central to Great Southwestern Construction’s (GSWC) success since it began operating in 1977. 

GSWC President Brandon Lark told Construction in Focus magazine that having people-first culture means “ensuring that everyone understands that we care about people who work for us, [and that] anyone in contact with us is valued and winds up with a positive experience.” 

This mindset affects not only how the company treats its own employees, but also how it communicates with clients, vendors and subcontractors. 

Construction in Focus published a feature story about the culture of GSWC in its March 2020 issue. The article also offers some history into the company’s transition from general contracting to the specialty electric transmission and distribution contracting it has been doing since the 1990s. GSWC became an MYR Group subsidiary in 2000, and does “all types of work in the transmission distribution space like working with investor-owned utilities and private developers all across the U.S.”  

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