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Project Detail

Cedar Creek Wind Farm 230kV Transmission Line

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Location:  Colorado

Description:  This EPC project consisted of the construction of 73 miles of 230kV transmission line including the design, purchasing and materials management.  The H-frame structures were a hybrid of concrete and steel with vertical bundled 954 ACSR and two 3/8″ static lines. The project also included the construction of a new 230/34.5kV substation.

Construction took place during the worst Colorado winter in fifty years. Great Southwestern performed engineering, procurement and construction on a fast track schedule beginning engineering in June 2006 in conjunction with route selection and acquisition and construction completion in August 2007. There were multiple crossings over high voltage lines, highways and a river crossing. Sandy terrain resulted in difficult conditions that required matting to access structure locations. Sensitive environmental and permitting issues required a significant amount of coordination.

Client:   Babcock & Brown and British Petroleum

Completion Date:  2007

“I would like to send Great Southwestern my thanks and appreciation for excellence in completing our 76 miles of 230kV line for the Cedar Creek Wind Project in northeast Colorado. I would like to acknowledge your exceptional performance and excellent safety record while working under much duress, difficult project terrain and a very tight project schedule. In every turn, your team came up with excellent alternatives to maintain safety, our budget and schedule.  Your team maintained an excellent and professional relationship with us. As you know, safety is an important issue with our organization. Your excellent safety record of zero recordable incidents on this project matched the high quality of your people and your organization.”

 Amin Shakill, P.E., Project Manager, Babcock & Brown